Saturday, March 12, 2011

Proverbial skin

Things are progressing quite nicely with moving my shop over to Bohemian Hollow.  I thought it would be so much more work starting over but the process I have is working really well.  I'm taking everything slowly and enjoying it all.  Basically whenever something expires in the old shop I list in the new one.  Which is also much easier than I first thought.  It's as simple and quick as copying and pasting, because that's literally what I do hehe!  Sure, it'll take about four months to move everything over, but what's the rush?  Everything is still listed, even if it is in two different places.  People can just as easily be directed to my feedback if they're really that concerned about it.  And I don't get overwhelmed with listing 50 things all at once.  Really, it's working out very well!

I received my brand new business cards in the mail just last week and it made it feel just that little bit more official.  I did it.  I really did it!  I'm continuously happy with this move and name change.  I'm getting SUCH a better reaction from people when I tell them what my product name is (Lol product!  I sound pretentious and all "big business" when I say that.  What's a better word?).  No more do I get a little chuckle and a "Aww how cute!".  It's more of a little widening of the eyes and a "Oooh nice." in a somewhat impressed tone.  Much, much better reaction.  I'm not all cutesy anymore hooray!  But I'm still cute right?  (Shameless compliment fishing)

This whole process, accompanied by the new name, is really part of me becoming more true to myself, which is what this whole year so far has been about.  Eliminating everything that doesn't fit what I feel is really me.  Shedding my proverbial skin and spreading my multifaceted wings!  Doing personal things when I feel the time is right and doing them for myself and not any outside sources.  Getting rid of clutter, both in the physical and emotional sense.  All that good leaf turning, chapter starting stuff!  :D

In short, I'm happy, relieved and excited!

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