Wednesday, October 19, 2011


For years and years I've always liked the classic style of layering.  T-shirt, button up and sweater.  Oooh, so wonderfully comfortable looking and sexy!  Especially if it's all in nice warm, earthy colors as seen in the photo below.  Yet, I've never felt that I could really pull this look off for two reasons.  Let me me explain.

Reason number one is that I don't see myself as the type of guy that is usually seen wearing the layered look.  The best ones who pull the look off perfectly are three things: skinny, skinny oh and skinny.  Let's face it, I'm not skinny.  I have more than just skin on my bones.  So when I put on more than one layer (not to mention three!) I just look bigger.  Pair that with a typical pair of jeans and I look like a tree.  Not cute.

Reason two is because of my Clothesrophobia.  I've coined this term based on how I feel when I'm in layers of clothing, which is basically just claustrophobic.  (Clothes + claustrophobia = Clothesrophobia).  It's SO restrictive being in more than just one layer of clothes - especially fitted ones - and I can't stand it for very long!  I'm a free spirit, full of spontaneity, and I need to be able to fling my arms about without my movements being inhibited.

Still, seeing this again has inspired me.  I really want to give it another go.  See if I can learn to love the layers, even if I do look a bit bigger than those stupid stick-thin-bones-a-poppin'-model-jerks (jealous much? lol!).  I already have quite a few pieces that will look great together, just have to put them to use!