Thursday, April 21, 2011

Up and coming...

Yes, I've been a bit absent lately.  I have a good reason for it too!

I've been making things like a mad man for the upcoming craft show.  My stock of things has somehow run low (not complaining hehe!) and I have to refill all the things I sell.  Well that and there's four completely new designs that my brain has come up with and I like to have a substantial amount of each design for variety.  For smaller things I prefer to have at least 20 of each piece and for the bigger ones at least 10, although I usually end up with more lol!  So yes, I've been knitting, crocheting and macramé-ing in preparation.

Unfortunately my shop has been suffering a bit during these times.  Yes, I've still been transferring pieces from my older shop to the newer but none of the new pieces that I've been promising people have popped up just yet.  I swear, they will be coming soon-ish!  I just have to have time to take all the pictures and finish creating the staple pieces and concoct descriptions of them all.  It's definitely a process, I'll tell ya that!  But I'm sure once it's all set and ready to be launched you'll all be quite happy with the new pieces.  

I'm excited for the fact that I'm finally settling on basic pieces that I've always made, or feel like I have, to be around for a while.  Ones that I can make again and again and keep the listings every time one of them sells.  It's really putting my shop in a certain direction, which it never really has had one and it feels much more professional.

So, me being who I am, I still don't know when the new pieces will be appearing.  Perhaps they will start appearing before the craft show (which is on the 21st of May) but most likely it will be afterwards when it's all calmed down a bit and I can concentrate on the shop.