Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Paper Mache

I've always heard those words, I've seen the aftermath of paste and paper, but never ever have I experienced it myself.  Until today, that is.  The paper mache inspiration bug bit me and I suddenly -had- to cover some surface with sticky paper!  Knowing that my parents wouldn't be too happy if it was our kitchen table, or some other such piece of furniture, I chanced upon a styrofoam head in the garage with my crafting stuff that I had previously painted blue thinking it would make it look better.  Turns out the blue paint made it a bit (ok a lot) creepy.  So the head it would have to be!

The creepy blue head, ready for plastering.

My choice of paper, natural white and brown construction.

Work area all set.

Finished!  Er...kinda..

The process was quite fun, getting all sticky and paste covered.  However I believe the head turned out just as much, if not more so, creepy as it began.  Maybe these things are just creepy no matter what you do.  The paper is now all dry and I'm considering doing another layer.  Perhaps this time using just the brown paper or newspaper.  What do you think?  And on a side note, have you ever done paper mache and if so what have you made?

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