Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am a Free Spirit

An Affirmation for Inner Peace, Strength, and Healing

I will love and not hate
I will heal and not harm
 I will create and not destroy
I will inspire and not crush
I will restore and not demolish
 I will help and not hurt
I will embrace my uniqueness and never be generic
 I will grow and not stagnate
I will be respectful and not rude
I will be compassionate and not cruel
I will seek to understand and not judge or dismiss
I will have empathy and not apathy
I will be mindful and not heedless
I will be strong and not weak
I will be courageous and not cowardly
I will dare to dream and not relinquish hope
I will be open-minded and not closed shut
I will plant peace and not strife
 I will thrive and not be thwarted
I will live in the moment and not dwell in the past or on the future
I will cherish my loved ones, animals, and Mother Earth and never take any of them for granted
 I will make magic and not malignancy
 I will be free and never confined
I am a free spirit who is grateful for my life and freedom . . . today

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